The mascot of our project was agreed by the project teams, and it became a toy robot, that was dressed in traditional costumes of all participating countries. 

History of creation the project mascot: Teachers from the kindergaren in Scornicesti had a very important discussion about the project and science with their kids. They learned that many scientists have done wonderful things that are still useful today. So, together with the children, children decided to give the mascot the name of a scientist. They chose the five names of the scientists - L. Thomas, R.Boyle, R. Hooke, M.Curie, A.Einstein, and then voted for the mascot name, depending on what they liked the children at. Children voted for the best name of the project mascot. The name of our mascot was given as Hooke after Robert Hooke, an English natural philosopher and scientist. Teachers of all participating schools told the preschool children about Robert Hooke. The mascot Hooke always stands by children during all the project activities. All 7 Hookes in national costumes had gathered together 7 times so far, during project international meetings, and children could see them together.