From 7th to 11th of May 2019, Grădiniţa cu Program Prelungit in Scornicești, România welcomed 13 project partners (headmasters, coordinators or teachers) in the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Small Scientists Across Europe” for the third transnational project meeting and also the last mobility of this project. Mr. Marian Pătru, headmaster and Mrs. Loredana Mihaela Crînguș, project coordinator along with a group of teachers and children from the kindergarten dressed in traditional Romanian clothes welcomed with flowers the partners of the project from France: Elisabeth Gustovic - project coordinator and her colleague Nadège Maréchalle, from Estonia: Natalja Varkki and Jekaterina Golubtsova, from Lithuania: Jūratė Stakeliūnienė and Rūta Ordienė, from Portugal: Maria Francisca Pessoa and Joana Minderico, from Romania- Bistriţa: Carmen Muscari- Salvan and Ionela Lazea, from Turkey: İbrahim Onur Gökdoğan, Ümit Yenisoy and Meryem Yiğit.

In the opening ceremony the host teachers and children surprised the visitors with traditional Romanian songs and dances. After learning more about the host institution, all partners visited the kindergarten and they received small gifts and souvenirs from the children and their teachers. 
The program continued with a visit at Memorial House “Nicolae Ceausescu” followed by a workshop on science at the Planetarium in Pitești, in Argeș county. The visit to the special kindergarten „Sfânta Elena” from Pitești offered our colleagues from other countries an insight in one of the few kindergartens of the Romanian special education system. 
The first day finished with a coordinator work meeting and a beautiful Romanian surprise: traditional dances from different Romanian folk areas presented by a professional dance team.

On the second day of the meeting, the partners learned more about the history, culture and civilization of Romania by visiting the Mausoleum in Campulung Muscel, Bran Castle and Peles Castle.

On the last day of the meeting, all the partners visited Kindergarten „Ion Creanga” from Slatina and participated at the International Symposium “Teaching experiments – innovative methods of teaching science” which took place in Grădiniţa cu Program Prelungit Scornicești where they presented our project in a collaborative way. While the teachers and headmasters participated at workshops at „the scientific experiments at Scornicesti Kindergarten”, all the coordinators had another work meeting to discuss various aspects regarding the management of the project and the schedule for next activities.

Other visits also included „Grigore Antipa” Muzeum and Parliament Palace in Bucharest. 

We want to thank the team project from Scornicesti and their colleagues for their warm welcome and many surprises!